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Pushing the independent agency channel forward

HawkSoft’s goal is to push the independent agency channel forward. We believe in achieving this through collaboration with agencies, insurance carriers, and our peers in the technology space. If you are a technology provider supporting independent insurance professionals in the US, we invite you to explore our API Partner program and welcome the chance to explore integration between our systems.

Standards, Priority, and Terms

HawkSoft is a small company by design. We can’t act on every opportunity and use our Core Values to guide us towards the opportunities that meet our standards, and set our priorities based on the impact of an opportunity on our existing customer base. All participants in our API Partner program are subject to our API and Marketplace Terms and Conditions.


  1. HawkSoft’s API Partner program is not open to direct competitor systems in the agency management system vertical.
  2. Companies participating in the API Partner program must have a good reputation among independent agencies. These companies treat customers with respect, value their perspective as professionals, and follow through on the commitments made to the industry.
  3. Companies participating in the API Partner program must pass HawkSoft’s security risk assessment. HawkSoft is a steward of data entrusted to our platform by our agency partners. While the agency has ultimate say over which companies they share that data with – HawkSoft has a responsibility to ensure companies meet strict security requirements before joining the ecosystem and HawkSoft will routinely audit our partners to maintain the safety of our mutual customers’ data.


HawkSoft will work with any company that meets our standards and is helping an independent agency. Depending on our Partner Integration team’s bandwidth, we use the following questions to prioritize incoming opportunities.

  1. Does this opportunity directly and immediately impact existing agency partners (our customers)?

  2. Is this an opportunity that comes from a collaborative partner with a proven record of supporting independent insurance agencies?

  3. Does this opportunity seek to improve the independent insurance industry without regard to projected profit, sales, or other consumption-based metrics?


Prior to full market release of any integration, HawkSoft captures an API Partner’s consent to the Terms that govern our program:

API Terms and Conditions:

Marketplace Terms and Conditions:

Technically speaking – any use of our Partner API conveys consent to the API Terms and Conditions. HawkSoft prefers affirmative consent over implied consent, and captures that via a Letter of Agreement prior to launching API integration with a third-party.

Let's work together!

If you would like to explore integration with HawkSoft, send an email to! Let us know about how we can help agencies through integration and we’ll arrange a call to talk over the opportunity.